PNDS Islamabad Chapter Launched

Islamabad: The Pakistan Nutrition and Dietetic Society (PNDS) recently launched their Islamabad chapter in a simple but impressive ceremony.

The proceedings started with the recitation from the Hold Quran followed by welcome address by Dr. Rezzan Khan.

The overview about the activities of PNDS was done  by its general secretary Rabia Anwer. The signing up ceremony and the official launch of the chapter was done by Fayza Khan the president PNDS.

Dr. Rezzan Khan has been nominated as the Islamabad Chapter In-charge. Dr. Rezzan is a consultant nutritionist and head of Clinical Nutrition Department at Shifa International Hospital. She has worked for three decades transferring international nutrition best practices to the Pakistani context.

The MOU was signed by the President Ms. Fayza Khan and General Secretary Lt. Maj. Rabia Anwer from Karachi who are both PNDS Executive members with Dr. Rezzan as In-charge of Islamabad Chapter.

This was followed by an interactive session on Bariatric surgery by Dr Rezzan who is a consultant nutritionist at Shifa International Hospital Islamabad. Fariha asif presented the Nestle Nutrition.

In the end shields were awarded and the session came to a close.

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